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23 March 17 - IPS Products - Rave Reviews!

One of the latest set of products introduced to Bounce-N-Go has been our fantastic IPS products. IPS stands for the 'Interactive Play System' and this system was introduced to the inflatable and leisure industry back in October 2016. Since then, we've incorporated the product into a variety of our existing inflatables albeit brand new versions and we've also created some completely new inflatables which are the first of their kind - the first in the world... EVER! Really exciting!

The Interactive Play Inflatable Slide, perfect for school fun days, community events and much more

Above you can see one of the new inflatable products that we introduced the IPS into. We call it the 'IPS LightsOut Slide' and currently it's one of our most popular hire items for 2017 with lots of bookings in the Wigan and Chorley region. These bookings are for a variety of events such as birthday parties, school fun days, community events, promotional events and much more.

We have a wide range of these new IPS products as I mentioned a little earlier in this article. You can find the full range of products here.

These new products have been extremely popular for a lot of different reasons in my opinion. They are new and fresh to the market, it's a new concept which has never been done before so it's exciting for users of all ages. Using these inflatables promotes exercises which is good for everyone especially with healthy eating and exercise being promoted so heavily at the moment. These inflatables are also really good fun for users of all ages and can be used as part of a team building inflatable day as some activities such as the IPS LightsOut Slide can be used as part of a 'relay' team.

Another point we haven't touched on is that a number of these products are ideal for wheelchair users such as the IPS Surround, IPS table and to a certain extent the IPS LightsOut Wall. When we had the IPS Surround made, we specifically asked the manufacturer to make the inflatable suitable for wheelchair users and we believe it's a great feature of this product.

Our delivery area is quite vast in the North-West region and we cover the following areas amongst others - Wigan, Chorley, Ormskirk, Leigh, St Helens, Westleigh, Bolton, Preston, Warrington, Golborne, Standish, Parbold, Wrightington, Haydock and much of the surrounding region.

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