15 February 17 - Indoor Bouncy Castle Hire | Wigan | Chorley | North-West

Indoor Bouncy Castle Hire in Wigan

Today's news article centres around Bounce-N-Go's range of indoor only bouncy castles. This past weekend, we had a customer who rang our office at the last minute, desperate for an indoor bouncy castle hire in Chorley. As always we did our best and managed to get one over to her as soon as possible and she was more than grateful and had a great party and hire.

The reason she rang at the last minute and in a panic? The lady had booked a bouncy castle from another local company. Unfortunately this company brought a bouncy castle which would not fit in her party venue. Now we don't know the exact details on this, whether the lady had 'estimated' the venue size or whether she wasn't given the correct sizing information we're not sure.

At this time of the year, many birthday parties are held indoors as the weather can be cold and unpredictable. For this reason, we have a range of indoor only bouncy castles. You can find them on our website on the 'Indoor Inflatables / Indoor Bouncy Castles' section. On this section you will see the full range of products and can check availability, sizing and pricing.

This image shows one of Bounce-N-Go's indoor bouncy castles available to hire throughout the North-West region

As you can see on the above screenshot, the product listing has lots of information such as single day pricing, week day pricing, multiple day pricing and a product description.

Low height indoor bouncy castle hire

The above screenshot shows the sizing tab information of the featured indoor bouncy castle. The website clearly states the product sizing (rounded up to the nearest foot - manufacturers sizing) and the sizing that your venue or set up location will require for the product.

Bouncy castles are great fun for indoor party venues and some of our main hire services include; bouncy castle hire Wigan and bouncy castle hire Chorley.

We have a directory of indoor party venues listed on the 'Party Venues' section of our website.

For more information on any of our hire products or services, please contact us today.

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